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She Lies

She lie, engulfed in the sickening cliché that should always have been someone else’s. Stung, downed and drowned by the angel dust-tongued liar who ripped out her heart polishing it, like a badge on his chest. Her, the she-bird of … Continue reading

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Kissing Out Scrumping

Originally posted on Video Poems And More:
squabs squatting on treetops stuck between bide and fly how do you know if wings work? the youth club was a place for the bigguns littluns allowed thursdays six  thirty ’till eight we strode along the spinney path you…

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The Joy of Christmas

‘Somehow, somewhere she’ll find a place where crops grow strong with gentle rain And children wander, whole again’

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The Simian Line

Mish has set the dverse prompt for today. ‘So,today I am asking you to write a poem that pays homage to hands’. The Simian Line The single palmar transverse crease is etched across your hands – both of them – … Continue reading

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Elysia it was a strange awakening glass sharp. we rode tandem through the blur of an old film she breathed promises on the back of my neck laughing the air tingled with sepia summerness drifting bon-fire smoke cut grass. hushed … Continue reading

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