Kissing Out Scrumping

squabs squatting on treetops
stuck between bide and fly

how do you know if wings work?

the youth club was a place for the bigguns
littluns allowed thursdays six  thirty ’till eight

we strode along the spinney path
you in your tan suede jacket
your voice on the croaky cusp of change

I can’t remember what I wore
it would have been tom-boy

an old lady stopped us to chat
we wondered why she was so proud to be eighty three
to us it was a tragedy

our sixpence subs sat in our pockets
subs was a bigguns’ word
got your subs? yeah, got mine. got your subs?

we paid our subs and looked around not moving our heads 

to one end the four-legged green king held court
humouring two or three littluns wielding over-sized cues
to the other a hatch with snacks

Norwegian Wood whined from a record player in the corner
biggun and his bird smooched by
his hand fluttering on and off her bum
you turned your rosacea away

wanna play on the football table?

later we bought potato puffs and vimto
ergo, trying to look casual

at eight we decided to go

on the walk home you asked if we should try a snog

we’d ridden bikes
scrumped apples
hoola-hooped and knocked up ginger through timeless seasons

I shrugged
we lay down in the snapped twig of the spinney
like a dry, unwrapped sandwich
acting out curiosity

the zip of your jacket dug into my chin
the kiss was wet and alien

after it we stood up as if we’d just arm-wrestled

the squab floundered frantically on the harsh grey of the path
you scooped it up, cupping it gently through a hole in the hedge
willing the 
littlun to fly 

we clip-clopped down the spinney steps
locked in thought
heading back to our nests

what was so great about being a biggun?
how do you know if wings work?

at the bottom we said ‘bye’
going our separate ways
life had changed


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2 Responses to Kissing Out Scrumping

  1. ShirleyB says:

    Reblogged this on Video Poems And More and commented:

    A few thoughtful amendments…


  2. You really capture a time and place here. I like the analogy of fledgelings almost but not quite flying.


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