A Time



Victoria has set the Quadrille prompt for today. Dverse Poets Pub.


A Time

It was the end of a long,
damp summer

late mornings
early elation



the end
the beginning

all we had been
shimmered away
leaving the ghost
of first love
to haunt me forever

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23 Responses to A Time

  1. Ah, dang. Those summer loves that just melt away. You’ve captured the feeling so well in this.

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  2. whimsygizmo says:

    There is so much beautiful sadness in the phrase “shimmered away.” Like a mirage, fading slowly. Tugs at my heart.

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  3. Grace says:

    I felt the sadness in the ending of that beautiful summer ~

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  4. *sigh* yes- summer love

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  5. I like the “late mornings and early elation.” A damp summer doesn’t sound like my kind of summer, ha–I like ’em hot. A very nice capture here.

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  6. This made me sad because I hate when summer ends. It could be summer forever and I’d be happy.

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  7. kanzensakura says:

    shimmered away…love, innocence…a wistful poem this is. And sad. But true and not maudlin. I like this poem very much. I truly enjoyed reading this.

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  8. Candy says:

    such longing


  9. Bodhirose says:

    Really hard to realize that something that meant so much could just shimmer away never to be experienced again. Truly hard on the heart…well done!

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  10. lynn__ says:

    I think tears shimmer when summer (and love) is over…

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  11. Oh somehow summers always end, and even if they are damp we love them and what they bring.

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  12. ShirleyB says:

    Thank you, Bjorn


  13. Bryan Ens says:

    This is lovely. And I love “shimmered away”


  14. lillian says:

    Summer loves………..ah youthful days………..shimmered away indeed! 🙂


  15. ava says:

    I like the first four lines especially.


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